Green Snail Spring | Organic Green Tea

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Our pure leaf organic “Bi Luo Chun" (translated as Green Snail Spring) comes from the Dongting mountains of China's Jiangsu province. It has a spiral shaped leaf  that brews up a clear golden liquor. For centuries, this style of tea has been loved for its hearty aroma, slightly nutty and buttery taste.  Carefully steeping this delicate leaf with a water temperature of 175 degrees (F), will allow it to maintain a subtle sweetness while preventing it from becoming bitter or astringent. With just a little care in the brewing process, this is a delightful tea in color, aroma and taste and serves well by itself or when paired with seafood or lighter dishes. (contains caffeine)

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Steeping Instructions:
Steep with 175F degree filtered water for 2 minutes. Enjoy 2 - 3 re-steeps

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