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Sensuous blossoms of jasmine combined with organic Da Ye green tea leaves will have you yearning for cup after cup of this delightful brew. The tea was grown at ~5000 feet in elevation in the oldest known tea plantation in the world with trees dating over 1000 years old. The plantation is situated in the misty Jingmai-Mangjing mountains of Yunnan, China. The biodynamic and certified organic ancient tea forest has been owned and operated by the Tsai family for three generations.  

Jasmine Beauty offers a tasteful balance between the warm notes of the wild, handpicked Da Ye green tea leaves and the floral notes of fragrant jasmine blossoms. Specifically, the jasmine and green tea flavors are equally distinguishable and quite complementary of one another rather than one out-flavoring the other.  This is a rather delightful jasmine tea for those seeking a an elegant and balanced jasmine green tea experience.

(contains caffeine)


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Steeping Instructions::
Steep with 175(F) degree water for 1-2 minutes. Enjoy 2-3 re-steeps.

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