Gyokuro (Precious Jade Dew) | Organic Green Tea

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This superior grade, first flush (spring plucked) organic “Gyokuro” comes from the tea-rich hills of the Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan. For about 20 days prior to harvest, the plants are fully shaded. This laborious process ultimately reduces astringency while boosting the natural balance of caffeine, sugars, L-Theanine and flavanols in the leaf, promoting a vegetal sweetness in the final cup. After harvesting, the leaf undergoes a brief steaming process (Asamushi style) to de-enzyme the leaf in order to prevent the leaf from oxidizing, thus keeping its rich jade color.

This tea brews up a beautiful liquor that is slightly sweet, lightly vegetal and almost creamy in texture. For best results, this tea should be steeped with care, using relatively low water temperature (~175F degrees) and a steep time of just about one minute. This tea holds up beautifully to multiple steeps to be enjoyed throughout your day.

(contains caffeine)

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Steeping Instructions:
Steep with 175F degree filtered water for 1 minute. Enjoy 3 - 4 re-steeps

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