Iron Goddess of Mercy (Ti Kuan Yin) | Organic Oolong Tea

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Our “Ti Kuan Yin” is a beautiful example of organic greener style oolongs hailing from China's South Fujian province. The leaves beautifully unfurl, brewing up a golden liquor with subtle lilac notes and a long-lasting smooth, slightly nutty finish. The tea is named for Kuan Yin or Guan Yin - most commonly translated to "Goddess of Mercy."  Looking closely at the unfurled leaf, you'll notice its reddish-brown color and delicate crimson edging. This is due to the shaking and "bruising" done to the leaves early in processing and is a testament to its being well crafted. Being greener (less oxidized) than oolongs primarily coming from North Fujian, the focus is on being more fragrant - a trait that is delightfully manifested in the final brew of this spectacular tea.  

(contains caffeine)

Preparation Tip:

Initial infusions of this tightly wound tea leaf will be soft and light; we call the first steep or two the "wake up" infusions as the leaf becomes rehydrated and starts to unfurl. It will take a couple of infusions to fully reveal the full array of flavors contained within this leaf. We encourage you to start small, steeping only the amount needed for one small serving. Then, enjoy successive infusions of the leaf to find the perfect cup for you, noting the changes in flavor over the repeated steeps.



Additional Details

Steeping Instructions:
Steep with 185F degree filtered water for 2 - 3 minutes. Enjoy 4 - 5 re-steeps

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