Water Garden (Shui Xian) | Organic Oolong Tea

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Shui Xian is most often translated to mean "water sprite."  This darker style oolong tea is generally hand-picked in mid-April and then allowed to oxidize approximately 50% before being panned, rolled and dried.  The dried leaves are then gently roasted over coals contributing to its famed complex, fruity and toasty flavor profile. This Wuyi Rock (Fujian Province) oolong has honey notes and a lingering woody finish. It is silky smooth with no astringency, making this a delightful and rather elegant tea for many occasions. Due to its light woody notes, it pairs well with many savory dishes. (contains caffeine)

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Steeping Instructions:
Steep with 185F degree filtered water for 3 minutes. Enjoy 4 - 5 re-steeps

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