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This bold leaf black tea is named after India's largest tea-producing region, Assam.  This Fair Trade Assam is a popular breakfast tea having a full, smooth body and a somewhat malty sweet taste. The hearty assamica cultivar thrives in the region's rather humid, lowland tropical climate which adds to the intensity of the brew.  Brewed hot, this is a strong black tea with light astringency, often served with a little honey and/or milk. When served cold, our Assam makes a refreshing, crisp and bold iced tea. When brewing for iced tea, we recommend using a cold brewing method to obtain a transparent brew with very low astringency. The leaf is graded TGFOP1.  (contains caffeine)

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Steeping Instructions:
Steep with 205F degree filtered water for 3 minutes. Enjoy 2 - 3 re-steeps

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