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Harvested in 2016, this pure green organically grown “sheng tuocha” pu-erh comes to us from one of the oldest tea growing cultures in the world, Yunnan China. As a raw or sheng style pu-erh, this tea is slightly lighter in style and taste than the inky, much more pungent shou-style pu-erh teas. After fermentation, the leaves are compressed into small, individually wrapped "buttons" for ease in storage, travel and measuring. After a couple of warm water rinses, the steeped buttons open up to reveal beautiful leaves with a brisk taste featuring slightly smoky vegetal notes. There is a lingering musky sweetness that will have you re-steeping the leaves multiple times for continued enjoyment throughout the day.  For measurement purposes, use one button per 8 ounces of hot water.

(contains caffeine)

For tips on how to prepare pure leaf pu-erh teas, please visit our Steeping Guide page.

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Steeping Instructions:
Remove paper from mini-bowls. Pre-rinse the leaves with 175F degree water for 20-30 seconds. During the rinse process, gently agitate the leaves with a spoon or knife to help open up the bowl. Repeat the rinse process 1 or 2 times. Discard water the

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