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Lemongrass is an herb native to Sri Lanka and South India that's quite often used in culinary dishes, especially in Thai cuisine. Lemongrass has a fresh, lemony aroma and citrus flavor. 

While there is limited U.S. research available on the human health effects of lemongrass, research1 shows that it contains several antioxidants which can help scavenge free radicals in your body. Lemongrass tea is also commonly sought for its microbial properties and to promote healthy digestion amongst other uses. 

From a taste standpoint, our pure organic lemongrass offers up a crisp, citrusy-sweet flavor profile that can be enjoyed on its own at any time of day or night or alongside your favorite Asian culinary dish. Lemongrass also makes a crisp and refreshing iced tea.

(no caffeine)


1Free Radical Scavengers and Antioxidants from Lemongrass

J. Agric. Food Chem. 2005, 53, 7, 2511–2517

Publication Date:March 8, 2005

Additional Details

Steeping Instructions:
Steep with 205F degree filtered water for 4 minutes. Enjoy 1 - 2 re-steeps.

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