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Owners spending quality time on site with tea grower in Japan.

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a little about us

Modern Steep is an independently owned and operated business based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We're on a mission to share our love of healthful tea to a new generation of tea drinkers - with a contemporary feel.

We proudly source everything from single-origin, pure leaf teas to numerous custom blended teas and tisanes. Ultimately, we consider ourselves to be a down-to-earth, no-pinkies-up kind of tea company focused on quality, creativity, and always on the lookout for new ways to share and enjoy tea. 

Modern Steep owners, Christopher Glenn & Rich Irish, strive to source the best teas available while offering personalized and attentive customer service. Christopher grew up with a mother who started most every day with a cup of hot tea. Later discovering a world beyond the traditional tea bag, Christopher began seeking out loose leaf specialty teas while in college. For years as an administrator in higher education, there was always a drawer in his desk dedicated to tea. Then, after tasting his first cup of pure, organic Japanese sencha, he knew that he wanted to work in tea. In addition to running the day to day operations of the business, Christopher was honored to serve on the 2017-18 Advisory Board of the World Tea Expo - the leading trade show and education conference focused 100% on specialty teas and related products. He also served on the Steering Committee of the 2017 Northwest Tea Festival. Christopher holds an advanced certificate in the art of tea blending and flavoring from the World Tea Academy. 

Rich focuses most of his energy on the back end from finances to inventory control to, well, trying to keep the rest of us in line. In his mug, you'll most often find an herbal tea (lemongrass is his favorite) or a pure leaf green tea. 

In both Rich and Christopher's personal and professional lives, there is a strong commitment to partnering with and sourcing from businesses and individuals who respect and protect the environment. We are proud to source most all of our pure leaf teas directly from the tea makers. For our many custom blended teas, we enjoy long-standing, personal relationships with our suppliers whose missions align well with our own when it comes to integrity in sourcing - focusing on those having healthy, organic and sustainable practices. 

After over 10 years operating from a traditional storefront cafe, the company went to a "mostly" online platform in mid-2017. Operations were subsequently relocated to the beautiful Umpqua Valley wine region in Southern Oregon. Modern Steep exhibits annually in various tea festivals and other events on the West Coast. 


We Admit it. We drink on the job. Tea. And, plenty of it!

Whether you experience our teas at dozens of cafes, restaurants and grocers, or shop with us online, we sincerely hope you enjoy our wide variety of organic, pure leaf and custom blended teas as much as we love them ourselves. 

why organic?

Tea is a wonderful, healthful part of our daily routine. Why spoil such a good thing with harsh chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers?  It is integral to our mission to source from growers who choose to grow amazing, world class teas using all-natural and organic methods. Not only do we feel better about consuming these teas, we believe that the benefits extend all the way back to the tea farmers and their families who can live and work in an environment free from these harmful chemicals. We live better; they live better. It's a win-win situation that we feel strongly about and hope that you do, too. 


where to find us

At Modern Steep we strive to be an active part of the community we serve. We proudly support various not-for-profit community-based groups on a regular basis. Furthermore, we enjoy engaging with and promoting other local businesses every chance we get. We are humbled by the wide range of local businesses that support us at Modern Steep and we encourage you to patronize these fine establishments situated around the Pacific Northwest. You can find many of our teas at the following locations:

Bottlehouse Tasting Bar (Seattle, Madrona) Brewed Teas

Cafe Flora Vegetarian Restaurant (Seattle, Madison Park) Brewed Teas

Four Leaf Spirits (Woodinville, WA) Assorted Liqueurs with Tea Ingredients

Gathering Grounds (Roseburg, OR) Brewed Teas

The Hangar Cafe (Seattle, Georgetown) Brewed Teas

Hank and Sylvies (Ketchum & Hailey, ID) Brewed Teas

Root-Plants (Seattle, Ballard) Brewed Teas

Konvene at Atlas Workbase (Seattle, South Lake Union)  Brewed Teas

Mr. West Cafe Bar (Seattle, Downtown & University Village)  Brewed Teas, Matcha Lattes, etc.

Plum Bistro (Seattle) Brewed Teas

Rachel’s Ginger Beer (Seattle) RGB Ginger Beer Assorted Flavors

Rustica Cafe & Wine Bar  (Oak Harbor, WA) Brewed Teas

Seattle Cider Company (Seattle) Assorted Ciders with Tea Ingredients

Super Six Restaurant Columbia City (Seattle, Columbia City)  Brewed Teas

The Botanical Company (Greater Puget Sound, WA) Gift Baskets of PNW Goods

Trinity Market (University District) (Seattle) Brewed Teas

Willowtree Market (Bainbridge Island, WA) Assorted Bulk Teas

And finally, the small print:

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Third-Party Links: From time to time we include links to third party websites in our newsletters, blog posts and on product pages. We do so as we very much appreciate education, especially where our bodies are concerned. Prior to including such links, we take reasonable care to ensure the reliability of linked material though we do not assume any liability regarding the accuracy, completeness, currency, and adequacy of such information. Furthermore, we do not take or receive any remuneration from any third party for linking to their products, research or information.

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