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Assam (Chota Tingrai) | Organic Black Tea

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We are proud to source our Chota Tingrai Assam tea directly from the Mana Organics Tea Estate in Assam, India. The garden was founded by fourth generation tea grower, Avantika Jalan. Ms. Jalan championed the idea of an organic tea garden in Assam at a time when such cultivation methods were not considered practical in the region. Through trial and error, Avantika and her colleagues - many of them also female (a rarity in the world of tea from India) -  proved that it could be done. They've made great progress in their tea-making journey, having earned numerous international tasting awards and other accolades since their start.

Assam is one of the most productive tea growing regions in the world. The land is a fertile, rich, tropical jungle. Everything grows quickly there. In spite of that, more than half of the tea grown in Assam is processed using the Cut, Twist, Curl (CTC) method popular for teabags. Mana Organics has taken a very different path as a small, organic, grower-direct Estate. From a robust composting process to hand-harvesting the tea leaves, Mana Organics is unique in a region filled with much larger, commodity-style tea growing operations.  They manage everything on the Estate from growing to processing to packaging and shipping. In fact, the first time the tea is handled after it leaves the Estate is by Modern Steep; the second time is by you.

From a flavor profile, this is a strong black tea with a distinctly malty taste with moderate astringency. It is one of the most bold pure-leaf black teas in our collection and holds up well should you enjoy the addition of milk and/or sweetener. This tea also makes a particularly strong and hearty iced tea. The hand-picked leaf is harvested as part of the second flush (May to June). The leaf style is TGFOP, having an abundance of high quality buds and fine leaves while offering up the signature malty flavor and subtle sweetness of an Assam black tea. 

This tea is temporarily out of stock. We expect a slight delay before its return due to issues within the Assam region affecting transportation. We'll keep this field updated as we learn of the expected return date of this item and apologize for the inconvenience. 

(contains caffeine)


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Steeping Instructions::
Steep with 205F degree filtered water for 3 minutes. Enjoy 2 - 3 re-steeps

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