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Grown on the Shimodozono BioFarm in the beautiful Kagoshima Prefecture of Southern Japan, this pure leaf organic black tea is rich with aroma and flavor. Given the long history of tea grown and produced in Japan, black teas from the region are relatively young in their existence, appearing around the late 1800s. By far, the Japanese are known for their incredible array of green teas. While very few tea makers currently focus on black tea, we have found this exquisite example of just how lovely they can be from this part of the world. 

Our Benifuuki Black tea is so named for its cultivar: Benifūki. This cultivar is part of the larger Camelia Sinensis var. Assamica  rather than the var. Sinensis from which most Japanese green teas are produced. The Benifūki cultivar has also been used in recent decades for making green teas. The cultivar is said to contain the highest levels of polyphenols (catechins; EGCG) of any tea available providing antioxidants that serve to protect against cellular damage caused by free radicals.

Both the aroma and taste of this rare and delightful black tea have notes akin to the malty Assam teas of India in combination with a subtle floral note of rose petal. The liquor is a warm amber color with remarkable clarity. Overall, this tea seems to present as if it were a perfectly conceived combination of our Assam and Darjeeling black teas. The delicate floral note offers a nice finish to the slight malty notes and astringency presented in this medium to full bodied black tea. 

The leaf holds up well to multiple infusions, offering you successive opportunities to enjoy its delicious, complex character.

At this time, the Benifuuki Black is in short supply on our list of "Limited Edition" teas. We invite you to provide us with feedback about your thoughts regarding this unique Japanese black tea. 

Price & Packaging Information: 

Priced in 1-ounce units.

You may choose multiple 1-ounce units. We will combine multiple 1-ounce units into larger packaging unless you state otherwise. For instance, order three 1-ounce units and we will consolidate them into one 3-ounce package. 


Additional Details

Steeping Instructions::
Steep for 3 minutes using freshly drawn water of 210 degrees F.

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