April 2017 Newsletter

by christopher

Happy Spring!

We start this edition of our monthly newsletter with some big news . . . Effective April 12, 2017, Remedy Teas will be changing its name to Modern Steep Tea Company.

For nearly 11 years, we’ve operated under the trade name Remedy Teas. However, most folks have long agreed that the name has been too narrowly defining, suggesting a focus on medicinal teas rather than representing the much broader range of organic pure leaf teas and custom blends that we offer.

The new name also fits our aesthetic. We feature a modern café setting with a casual, upbeat vibe, located in one of Seattle’s most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods. Modern Steep is more encompassing of all these things.

As we roll out the name change, we’ll also introduce some other enhancements such as new retail packaging labels, new gift tins, and we’ll be making a few visual changes to our café space.

Whether you’re new to us in 2017 or have been with us since the beginning, we thank you for your business and your love of amazing, organic teas. We look forward to serving you soon under our new name, Modern Steep.

Closed for the Day, April 12

Note that our cafe location will be closed on Wednesday, April 12th in order for us to facilitate some of the physical changes associated with our name change.

New Labels & Gift Tins

Among the enhancements coming with our name change, we are very excited to announce the start of a new labeling system for our loose-leaf tea packages. The new labels will include ingredient and description information as well as specific guidelines for accurately measuring out and steeping each individual tea. And, after many months of exploration, we will roll out a new line of retail and gift-sized tea tins this summer. We hope the added information provided by the new labels will help you prepare the best tea ever!

New Japanese Tea

For the past couple of years, we have been expanding and/or cultivating new relationships with individual tea makers in various parts of the world, including Japan. After two years of searching and tasting, we are pleased to introduce to you an outstanding organic deep-steamed Japanese green tea from Kagoshima, Japan . . . Kabuse Cha Fukamushi. For the moment, it is listed in our Reserves category though we’ll migrate this spectacular new addition to our permanent collection in the coming weeks. Learn more and find photos of this amazing tea on our website.

New Oolong Teas

Banten Bao Zhong Oolong

Cultivated by Dr. Alex Halim of PT Harendong in Banten, Indonesia, this silky oolong is so lightly oxidized it resembles a green tea. It brews up a liquor with light vegetal, floral, sweet and mineral notes. This Halimun Mountain farm is organic-certified.

Four Seasons Oolong

Grown in the Dongshan Township of Taiwan’s central Yilan County by 4th generation tea makers Fu Chen & Ai Fang. Their teas are grown with all natural organic methods (though not certified) and are handpicked and sorted with great care. The beautiful greener style leaves display subtle notes of pineapple and honey and a light floral aroma.

Our Journey to Japan

In mid-April, co-owners Rich and Christopher will be heading to Japan for the exciting first harvest of the year. On the trip, we will enjoy visiting with a number of notable tea houses on our way to spending time on a couple of our favorite tea plantations in Shizuoka. A big reason for the trip is to capture video footage of the fields, people and production methods behind the many outstanding and award-winning teas we source directly from these farms. Once complete, we will post brief documentary-style videos on our website that will allow you the opportunity to see what all goes into making these fine Japanese teas, including the two amazing ceremonial grade matcha teas featured on our menu. We'll let you know when they're posted so that you can take a virtual walk with us through this beautiful and important part of the tea world.

Finding Us Online

Once we go live with our name change on April 12th, our new website URL will become: www.modernsteep.com. We will set up an automatic re-direct for the foreseeable future so that you’ll find us easily even if using our current URL, www.remedyteas.com.

In closing, we hope you enjoy the change of seasons and find plenty of time to enjoy some peace, love and wonderful tea!