August 2018 Newsletter

August 2018 Newsletter

Published by Christopher on Aug 8th 2018

We hope your summer is going well and that you’re staying cool, happy and healthy. Read on to find festival updates, a featured tea, and a brief message including a coupon code thanking you for being part of our tea community.

Catching Up

We’ve had a busy summer thus far and the work continues. Immediately following our participation in the 2018 World Tea Expo in June, we began planning our tasting booth for TeaFest PDX. TeaFest started just one year ago thanks to the work of some pretty awesome local tea enthusiasts. This year, the festival drew over 2000 people on a beautiful day in mid-July. While there, we met and shared tea with hundreds of folks who stopped by to try some of our favorites, including Jasmine Beauty, Kanoka Assam, Kabuse Cha and White Prakash. It was especially nice to see so many Modern Steep customers make it to the festival. Thanks for helping to make the Northwest a great destination for all things tea! Next up is the award-winning Northwest Tea Festival in Seattle, September 29 & 30. We hope to see you there! 

Festival Favorites

While at TeaFest PDX, we were nearly overwhelmed with the enthusiasm for our White Prakash and Jasmine Beauty teas. We’re happy to announce that we have more White Prakash making its way through US Customs even as we write this newsletter. And, a new supply of Jasmine Beauty is already in hand. Yay!

Modern Steep Loyalty

We know that there are many sources available for buying tea. As such, we are grateful that you have chosen Modern Steep as your supplier of high quality, organic specialty teas and tisanes. As a small token of our appreciation, we invite you to enjoy $10 off your next purchase of just $50 or more! And, get Free Shipping on orders of $75 and higher. To activate coupon, use Coupon Code TEAFRIENDS10 during checkout. Thank you for allowing us the honor and privilege to source so many wonderful teas for you and yours. Cheers to that!

Coupon Code is valid through August 15, 2018; offer not valid with other discounts or promotions.

Sip Adventurously! 

One of our favorite taglines is Sip Adventurously! We have used the phrase on our website, in social media, print ads, and elsewhere. And, it’s an attitude we’re serious about as we encourage each other and you to try new and different things, especially when it comes to tea! Life is full of opportunities and adventures if only we take that first step outside of our routines and comfort zones.

Toward that end, we started offering “sample” sizes of all of our teas this past year. Each $2 pouch includes 12-14 grams of leaf, or enough to enjoy about four eight-ounce servings. We invite you to sip adventurously next time you browse our site. We might even throw in an extra free sample with your next order! And, we love to receive your thoughts and comments as you’ve had a chance to taste something new.

Tea Spotlight - Honey Roast Puerh (Raw)

Pu-erh (pooh-air) teas are among the most unique teas available and, to some, perhaps they’re even a bit mysterious. Pu-erh teas come in two main types: sheng (green or raw) and shou style (dark or cooked). Dark pu-erhs are typically musky, bold, inky and earthy while raw style pu-erhs are more mellow with a smooth character reminiscent of honey and plum. Pu-erh teas lack the astringency often associated with other tea styles though they lack nothing in terms of richness and flavor. Pu-erh teas often yield a gentle sweet aftertaste and they can be aged for many years with their flavor evolving over time. For ages, they have commonly been sought for functionality related to metabolizing fat, controlling cholesterol, benefits to heart and circulatory health and for their probiotic qualities and digestive enzymes. Historically, pu-erh producers are quite guarded about their pu-erh making techniques, adding to the mystery long associated with these unique teas.

Our Honey Roast Puerh is a wonderful example of just how enjoyable and satisfying sheng style pu-erh teas can be, even to the first time pu-erh drinker. This tea is made from leaves hand-harvested from tea trees dated to be over 1000 years old. These aren’t the waist high tea plants seen in most photographs; they are full grown trees of 15-30 feet tall that require much more laborious harvesting methods. This ancient plantation sits at an elevation of about 5000 feet in the misty Jing-Mai & Mangling mountains situated in the world’s oldest tea growing region, Yunnan, China. The leaf is oxidized to about 50%, lightly roasted then rolled. We find our Honey Roast Raw to be a splendid introduction of pu-erh teas to first-timers and a delicious treat to those already familiar with the somewhat mysterious world of pu-erhs. Sip Adventurously!

(Photo: Ancient Tea Trees in Yunnan)

That’s it for now. We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer as well as some delicious tea. Sip on.