August 2019 Newsletter

August 2019 Newsletter

Aug 2nd 2019

Super Summer Wishes  

We hope you're enjoying a wonderful summer thus far. For us, it's been a season of "new."  For starters, we invite you to visit our newly updated website. While most everything is up and running now, we’ll continue to add content going forward including more detailed tea descriptions, recipes, photos and videos. So, more "new" to come as we move forward. But for now, read on for more exciting news about what's been happening as of late.

TeaFest PDX - A Recap

In mid-July, we were thrilled to participate in TeaFest PDX (Portland, OR) with about 2000 enthusiastic tea lovers coming through. We sampled several teas including Kabuse Cha Japanese green tea (deep steamed), Jasmine Beauty, Pacemaker, Digestive and Coconut Chai. We also debuted our new Culinary Grade Matcha at the festival, whisking up samples of both the culinary grade as well as our Ceremonial Grade Matcha. It was also great fun reconnecting with so many folks we met during last year’s festival. There was live music, mini-tea houses, classes and tons of tasting opportunities to be enjoyed throughout the day. Festival organizers did an outstanding job creating a “festive” atmosphere while celebrating all things tea. We look forward to 2020!

New: Culinary Grade Certified Organic Matcha

Now it’s easier than ever to add some healthful oomph (a technical term) to your favorite smoothie, latte and/or dinner or dessert recipe with our culinary grade certified organic matcha. While our ceremonial grade matcha is a hit with many a matcha enthusiast, it can be a little spendy when including it as an ingredient in food and beverage recipes. Many of our beloved wholesale clients have used our culinary grade matcha for several years and we thought it was high time to offer this premium level culinary grade matcha to all of you. At about 1/3 the price of ceremonial grade matcha, we’re certain you’ll be dreaming up recipes one after another out of pure joy and excitement!

And, if you need some inspiration, here ya go: Ice Cream (Summer’s Here, After All!)

  • Smoothies (Healthy and Delicious)
  • Lattes (Thick, Creamy Tea Goodness)
  • Trail Bites (Healthy, Easy-to-Make Snacks) RECIPE
  • Matcha Green Tea Cookies (Yum)
  • Matcha Hummus (Great for Healthy Dipping)

New Tea Spotlight:  Asanoka Sencha

We just got our hands on a small batch of another amazing tea from Kagoshima, Japan. Asanoka Sencha is a deep-steamed (fukamushi) first-flush organic sencha green tea. It is a single estate, single cultivar tea made using the Asanoka cultivar of Camellia Sinensis (tea plant).

Grown only in Kagoshima, the name of this tea translates to "morning aroma" and is sometimes referred to as Senkou Ka, meaning "incense stick aroma." The liquor has a unique fragrance reminiscent of Thai basil and honeysuckle with a hint of brine. The area in which it is grown experiences a high temperature differential between night and day helping the tea to develop a deeper flavor that is vegetal, with umami and a delicate sweetness. The taste comes out brothy and herbaceous while the finish is lightly floral with mild astringency.

This is not intended to be a permanent addition to our tea menu, but is available for a limited time as a way to enjoy something unique and otherwise difficult to come by. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to indulge in something a wee bit different while supplies last.

Shipping Note

It’s that time of year when we’ll be taking a brief hiatus from the day to day operation of shipping out orders. Please note that orders received between August 15–25 will ship out the week of August 26. Get those orders in early and you'll never miss a single sip!

Thanks again for reading along. Next month we'll share even more "new" news with you. In the meantime, we wish you a continued great summer. Sip adventurously!