Cool Down With Hot Tea. Say What?

by Christopher

  Summer’s here and we have some news you can use!  Learn why drinking hot tea may actually cool you down this summer; enjoy two new (returning) teas on our menu; and, join us in Portland this weekend for one of the biggest tea parties in the country!

Cool Down with Hot Tea

If reaching for a hot cup of tea during the heat of summer doesn’t sound all that tempting, science and tradition might change your mind. Believe it or not, in many countries around the world cooling down on a hot day is done by drinking a hot beverage like tea. While the science behind this phenomenon is hard to describe in brief, here are the basics...

When you ingest a hot drink, you increase the amount that you sweat. While this may sound like an annoyance, the body perspires for a reason. When sweat evaporates from your skin, energy is absorbed into the air, cooling the body. Of course, the “cooling” effect is observed only when the extra sweat can be effectively evaporated – notably in a hot, dry, and perhaps slightly breezy environment. "The hot drink somehow has an effect on your systemic cooling mechanisms, which exceeds its actual effect in terms of heating your body," says Peter McNaughton, a neuroscientist at the University of Cambridge. Interested in learning more? There are plenty of articles (sample article) on the subject including research done by Ollie Jay (University of Syndey). 

Cheers to that!  Now pass the tea, please.

Tea Talk: Back On Menu

We’re thrilled to announce the return of two amazing teas to our menu: Jasmine Beauty and Honey Roast, Raw. Both of these exquisite teas come from the oldest known tea plantation in the world, situated in the high and misty JingMai mountains of Yunnan.

First, we invite you to sip adventurously this summer with our Honey Roast tea. If you’ve never tried pu-erh teas before, we honestly believe this tea will make a great introduction to a whole new world of teas for you to explore and enjoy. It is a sensuous sheng-style (raw) pu-erh with plenty of taste and character to go around. The leaf is oxidized about 50% and then lightly roasted with the resulting brew having a gentle honey-like fragrance, silky body and notes of roasted sugarcane. Yes, we’re talking about tea here folks; really awesome tea.

And, if you like the aroma and taste of jasmine blossoms, you’ll fall in love with Jasmine Beauty. It has a smooth, clean taste that is delightfully accented with the floral notes of jasmine blossoms. We are happy to bring this popular tea back to our Reserves menu as a special treat because we know how much you’ll like it.

Join us this Saturday, July 21st, for TeaFest PDX at Portland’s World Forestry Center. We are delighted to host a mini-tea house experience at the festival, tasting our way through some of our favorite teas including the Jasmine Beautydescribed above. Visitors to our tasting booth will get a special coupon for use on our website and we’ll bring along sale packs of the teas we’ll be tasting on site for those who just can’t wait to brew some up at home. We hope to see you there!