December 2019 Newsletter

December 2019 Newsletter

Dec 2nd 2019

Happy December Sipping!

We hope you enjoyed a most wonderful Thanksgiving season. As we enter the final month of the year, we have some exciting news to share about some new teas, our current sale and a sneak peek at big things to come in 2020!

Introducing: Sencha Kanoya

About four years ago we met some lovely tea producers from Kagoshima, Japan from whom we source our deep steamed Kabuse Cha. This rare and delicious tea has had a wonderful reception from our customers since its introduction on our menu. We’re now excited to introduce another exceptional tea to our collection from the same folks in Kagoshima, specifically our new Sencha Kanoya.

Hailing from an organic tea garden in Kanoya-City, Kagoshima, this sencha is delightfully rich and subtly sweet on the palate. It is made using the Saemidori cultivar that is often used for producing Gyokuro or Matcha due to its high level of amino acids. This particular sencha undergoes a deep steaming process (called: Fukamushi) once harvested to de-enzyme the leaf, thereby preventing oxidation. While the meticulous deep steaming process makes the leaf supple, naturally resulting in broken leaf pieces, it produces a liquor that is deeper and richer in flavor with a more full-bodied and creamy mouth feel than light-steamed (Asamushi) teas. This fine example of deep steamed sencha leans more toward sweet than savory and has a light grassy note iconic of Japanese green tea.

The brew time of this deep steamed tea is much briefer than other teas, taking only 25-30 seconds of steep time using water of just 160-175 degrees Fahrenheit. Proper brewing methods will ensure an exquisite, deliciously rich tea with very low astringency.

We are thrilled to bring you this outstanding example of a deep steamed organic sencha and hope you love it as much as we do!

Tea Updates

Silk & Citrus is one of our most popular oolong blends. It’s a delightful blend including a lightly floral, greener-style organic oolong tea with sweet vanilla notes and kissed with just a hint of refreshing citrus.

A few months ago, we ran into some difficulty sourcing the base oolong for this blend, causing us some great frustration and restless nights. We rose to the challenge by putting our minds and taste buds to work, sourcing and tasting several oolong teas to serve as a replacement base. In addition, we had to find the right complementary ingredients to go along with the new base. And, Voila! We’re happy to announce that after a brief outage this fall, an updated version of our Silk & Citrus is now on our menu. The new blend features a silky mouthfeel with a slightly brighter, though balanced citrus note to accent the sweetness afforded by the vanilla and beautiful calendula petals. We invite you to enjoy this updated blend that’s big on “delicious” and now at a new lower price.

Sneak Peek 2020!

Without sharing too much at this point, we just want to say there’s some pretty cool changes on the way as we enter 2020 in regard to our pricing structure and sustainability efforts. We’ll share more about these in our January newsletter but think you’ll be pleasantly excited at the news. Stay tuned!

The coming year also includes some great opportunities for us to bring the larger tea world closer to you. In short, we have trips planned to spend tasting and garden time with our tea makers in two regions of Japan, and a tremendous opportunity for us to coordinate and produce a series of mini-documentaries on how your tea purchases have made a substantive difference in the life of an entire community in the mountains of Nepal. Thanks for helping us to bring people together and improve lives through the gift of tea!

"Stockings Up" Sale

As we wrap up the year (and a lot of presents!), our final sale of the year takes a tiered approach. Please enjoy the following savings off your next order between now and 12/10/2019.

  • Spend $50, Save $5
  • Spend $100, Save $12
  • Spend $150, Save $20

To apply the savings, enter Coupon Code: 2019HolidayTea during checkout. And, remember, Free Shipping applies to orders of $75 or more!

Wishing You A Merry Month of December!

Thank you for allowing us the honor and joy of serving you through our tea business. We wish you a most splendid holiday season, rich with the blessings afforded to you through love, friendship and, yes, great tea!