February 2018 Newsletter

by Christopher

Share Some Tea Love This Valentine's Day

  Sharing the gift of healthful, delicious organic tea with the one you adore is super fun and easy with our two new gift tins designed with Valentine’s Day in mind. Aphroditea and Wonder Woman, two incredibly popular custom blends from our collection, are now available in colorful, re-useable, recyclable gift tins. Order soon to ensure delivery in time for that special day. Most orders ship out within 1-2 business days using either First Class or Priority Mail with tracking. Shop Gift Tins Now!

wonder woman tea and tin

Mozart in the Jungle

Fans of this popular Amazon Studios series know that Maestro Rodrigo, the eccentric conductor of the New York Symphony, doesn’t survive a day without his hot beverage of choice – Yerba Maté. With the mid-February release of season four, we’re celebrating early with a huge sale on our yerba maté products. Maté, an evergreen plant in the holly family, is grown in South America. It is largely regarded as a staple in the diet of folks in Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina where it is quite often sipped communally using hollowed gourds.

From a taste perspective, maté can be slightly earthy with an underlying sweet grassiness. Aging the leaf can have dramatic effects on the taste, adding depth and complexity to this naturally rich and creamy brew. Roasting the leaf will add notes of dark sweetness as if caramelized. If you fancy your maté enhanced with other flavors, you’re in luck as we feature several variations with the addition of fruit, spices and/or various herbs. We do like choices!

Many people enjoy the “feel good” stimulating effect that maté provides, describing it as providing increased focus and alertness without the jitters or subsequent crash effect often associated with coffee. Furthermore, maté is rich with minerals, vitamin B and antioxidants and it’s low in acid for those with more sensitive tummies. What’s not to love? Shop our organic maté collection now – Maestro would be so proud! Save up to 40% now. (sale ends Feb. 20, 2018)

Celebrating You!

We are blessed by having some of the nicest customers we could ever imagine. It's always a joy to receive your emails and order comments as we love hearing from you whether you're telling us how much you love your latest teas or when you have questions. Thank you, as always, for supporting our little corner of the tea world. We are certainly proud of our amazing collection of organic teas, and we're equally proud to have you as part of our tea family.

May your February be filled with peace, full of love, and wonderfully enhanced with awesome tea!