February 2019 Newsletter

February 2019 Newsletter

Published by Christopher on Feb 14th 2019

Happy February Sipping!  

We hope your February is off to a good start! We've been busy filling lots of tea orders, putting final touches on a new tea blend, and coming up with new ways to reward our favorite tea drinkers! One of those ways is this year's introduction of Newsletter Reader Exclusive Specials. These specials are available only to those who subscribe to our monthly newsletter (via email) as a way to thank you for being part of our tea family. Now for this month's updates...

New Release

In late 2018, we began working on a revised version of our long time white tea blend, Morning Rain, after running into difficulties sourcing a critical ingredient. We are excited to announce the release of this blend comprised of organic white peony (Bai Mudan) with organic-compliant jasmine and cantaloupe essences. With its delicate floral notes, this blend has a silky smooth mouthfeel with subtle hints of sweet melon. 

New Matcha Pricing

We are extremely excited to announce new pricing for our Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha! Over the past couple of years, demand for our matcha has increased significantly as more and more folks have discovered its superior quality and taste. We are grateful for the amazing relationship we enjoy with our expert Japanese tea makers and the opportunity we have to offer some of the highest quality, certified organic Japanese matcha available in the U.S. market now at lower prices!

30g Tin = $26.50 (Compare to $34.50 just a couple of years ago)

100g Bulk Pouch = $74 each (Compare to $85 in early 2018)

For those who like to stock up, enjoy further discounts on the 100g Bulk Pouch when you purchase in quantities of just two or more!

And while we’re on the subject of matcha, here’s a brief article that you might find interesting regarding matcha and health: Study Suggests Matcha Encourages Cancer Cell Apoptosis

Exclusive Subscriber Special

Modern Steep newsletter subscibers can save an additional 10% on our Ceremonial Grade Certified Organic Matcha now through February 14, 2019. If you’re already a fan of our matcha, this is great news. If you’ve never experienced our matcha, there’s no better time to try it than right now. Happy Whisking! Use Coupon Code: HIDDENCODE

Tea Spotlight: Young Harvest Raw Pu-erh

In mid-January we were able to bring on a new addition to our pu-erh category, specifically the Young Harvest Raw Pu-erh. This tea was hand plucked in 2016 from the world’s oldest known tea trees situated on the misty Jing Mai Mountains located at the southern tip of China’s Yunnan Province. At an elevation of some 5000 feet, these tea leaves were plucked from ancient tea trees spanning heights of nearly 50 feet. Yes, these are far greater than the waist-height tea rows seen in typical plantation photographs!

The biodiversity of this area and the age-old techniques still being used in tea production therein, make it one of, if not, the most unique tea destinations in the world. Furthermore, these ancient tea trees are often viewed as producing leaves with deeper, more complex flavors while having less astringency than those harvested from young tea bushes.

After picking, tea leaves being made into a raw (sheng) pu-erh are withered and oxidized to a level of about 10%. (In contrast, a black tea is oxidized to a range of 80-100%). To inhibit further oxidation and to remove excess moisture, the leaves are then very gently heated using a giant wok or hot pan. Then, after rolling and shaping the leaves, they are sun dried rather than being dried like other teas using large ovens or over charcoal. Sun drying is much slower than methods using ovens or pans while the overall process allows a small amount of leaf enzymes to remain active. Thus, a raw pu-erh tea will continue to slowly oxidize over time and can be aged potentially for decades to come. The flavor of a raw pu-erh tea will continue to evolve as it ages due to its slow microbial degradation.

Our Young Harvest Raw Pu-erh is currently exhibiting light herbaceous notes, subtle muskiness, and an earthy sweetness with just a slight hint of smoke. We love it now and are looking forward to enjoying it in new ways as it continues to evolve over time.

New Places to Enjoy Modern Steep Tea

One of the newest coffee houses to open up in Southern Oregon, Gathering Grounds in Roseburg has just joined the family of cafes and retailers serving Modern Steep Tea. This delightful mother/daughter owned establishment features a wide variety of fancy house made snacks and desserts alongside their wide range of artisan coffees and teas. They’re even making matcha lattes!

Ada’s Technical Café has expanded in Seattle with their new long term pop-up, Ada’s Discovery Café, located at The Lounge by AT&T, 800 East Thomas Street, Seattle. Amongst the beverage options at both locations, Ada’s is serving up several of our organic teas and tisanes. Check ‘em out when you’re in the neighborhood.

Last Chance Teas

With over 140 teas on our menu, we work hard to ensure plenty of options to satisfy a variety of tastes. And, from time to time we like to mix things up a bit by tweaking or creating new recipes or by bringing in new pure leaf teas for you to enjoy. As such, we sometimes have to remove some items from our menu to make room for the new. Be sure to check out our Sale & Clearance Page to take advantage of significant savings on various teas, some packaged especially in 2-4 oz “Clearance” packs. Get ‘em while they last!

Save the Date

Mark your calendar now to join us and a whole cast of tea-related exhibitors at the third annual TeaFestPDX on July 20, 2019. Situated at Portland's World Forestry Center, this tea festival has quickly become a destination for tea enthusiasts from around the region and beyond. We hope to see you there!

Thanks as always for reading. We wish you a wonderful month of February. May it be one full of love, friendship, and great tea!