January 2018 Newsletter

by Christopher

Our Gift To You    

In celebration of National Hot Tea Month, we are pleased to offer you a FREE GIFT of elegant glassware with your order of $100 or more. Enjoy sipping your delicious tea with this set of two double-wall, borosilicate glasses designed by TrYeh. This offer is valid for online tea purchases made now through January 12, 2018. (Also enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders of $75 or more.)

January is National Hot Tea Month

Second only to water, TEA is the beverage of choice around the world. For over 5000 years, tea has been enjoyed for not only its diverse flavors, but also for those seeking to:

-- increase metabolism and fat oxidation (through tea’s flavonoids)

-- promote calmness (thanks to the amino acid, L-Theanine)

-- improve mental clarity, mood and work performance

-- help prevent certain cancers, hypertension, stroke and more

We are particularly pleased to offer you more than 100 different teas in our collection. Celebrate with us and enjoy a cuppa today.

Live Better. Drink Tea.

From Silver Bells to Silver Needles

Coming out of the season of merriment, bells and holiday jingles, we take a moment to spotlight one of the world’s most unique teas, Silver Needles (Bai Hao Yin Zhen). This very lightly oxidized (~5%) white tea has a history dating back to the Qing dynasty when it was cultivated as a tribute to the emperor. While there are many “versions” on the market today hailing from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and elsewhere, the original and (we believe) best tasting Yin Zhen is cultivated in China’s northeast Fujian Province.

Silver Needles are actually unopened buds of the tea plant. High quality, Silver Needle buds are hand-picked in the early spring (late March). Picking must occur on a morning that is free of rain or dew and before the warmth of the sun has pried open the delicate bud. The buds are picked (about 5,000 buds per pound of tea!), carefully withered and slowly dried to produce a light, clean, silvery cup possessing a gentle savory aroma with a sublime lingering honeysuckle sweetness. Under close examination, the buds will feature a beautiful soft downy – indicative of its quality.

It is generally accepted that minimally processed (oxidation, rolling, withering, etc.) white teas will retain higher amounts of highly valuable polyphenol anti-oxidants. Every tea lover should try Silver Needles at least once in their lifetime. For many, it will become THE tea of choice and for others, a tea to grace the table on special occasions. 

Silver Needles

Happy New Year!

With a cup of hot tea in hand, we raise our glass to you and yours this new year. May it be filled with countless opportunities to celebrate, to share with others, and to simply make life a little better for yourself and for those around you.

Peace, Love & Tea.