January 2019 Newsletter

January 2019 Newsletter

Published by Christopher on Jan 4th 2019

  We hope that you have enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and start to 2019. We have some big updates to share including our new clearance sale, new shipping zones/rates, a Rewards program, tea tips and more...

New Shipping Zones & Rates

Just in time for the new year, we have launched new shipping rates based on zones across the country. As such, tea lovers in 21 states will now enjoy lower shipping rates! Check out our new Shipping Zone Map for details. And, don't forget.... U.S. orders ship FREE with purchase of $75 or more.

Earned Savings

We know that you love tea and we're guessing you might know someone else who enjoys it just as much! With our new Rewards program, you and a friend can earn $5 each when you refer your friend to Modern Steep. Once your friend places an order of $25 or more, you both get a $5 bonus to spend on more delicious, healthful tea. Look for the green “Rewards” icon near the bottom of any page on our website to get started. Why? Because sharing your love of tea AND a discount is what friends are for!

Save Big on Clearance "Last Chance" Teas

We have some big ideas brewing for new teas to add to our collection this year. However, to make room for the new, we have to pare down a bit. Now's the time to enjoy deeply discounted prices on teas featured on our Sale & Clearance page. “Clearance” teas are available in special package sizes ranging from 2 to 4 ounces each. This may be your last chance to get some of these teas, so check ‘em out before they’re gone for good.

Tea Spotlight

Whether you love it or hate it, we’ve all heard of Earl Grey tea. But what exactly is it and who is this Earl guy anyhow?

The classic blend referred to as Earl Grey tea is a fairly simple marriage of black tea with oil of bergamot. Bergamot is a thick-skinned citrus fruit about the size of an orange with a yellow or green color similar to a lime. Production is limited mainly to Italian coastal areas on the Ionian Sea. Among its most common uses, oil of bergamot is extracted from the rind for use in making tea and perfumes. Both the extracted oils as well as the fruit itself can be used to add flavor and aroma to food and confections. While the fruit is edible, it is quite sour, making things like marmalade a viable and tasty option for consumption.

There is speculation that the classic tea blend, Earl Grey, is named after British Prime minister Charles Grey (2nd Earl Grey), circa 1830s. Some hearken its beginning as a method to offset the taste of lime present in the water near Howick Hall (the ancestral seat of the Earls Grey situated in Northumberland, England). No matter what legend you subscribe to, Earl Grey tea is no recent fad!

At Modern Steep, we have five versions of tea containing bergamot, offering Earl fans variations to fit different moods, tastes and time of day. On the top of the list is our Earl la Crème, which happens to be the best selling tea on our menu! We have a Classic option, one with lavender blossoms (Earl Bouquet, for the “softer” side of Earl), a version using green tea instead of black (Earl Jazz) and our Red Earl -- a Rooibos variation without caffeine. Hear, Hear!

Tea Tip

Brewing up the perfect cup of tea can be easy with two simple ingredients – high quality tea leaves and water. Not just any water, though, high quality water. Water from municipal sources often contains calcium, minerals, chlorine, sand, clay, rust, pollens, chemicals and other pollutants that can negatively affect the taste of brewed tea. On the other hand, distilled water is so neutral that the true character of tea may be unrealized. 

For best results, we suggest using tap water that has been passed through a filtration system equipped to remove as many of the unwanted ingredients as possible. Some of the best in our opinion are carbon or ion-exchange resin filters as they will remove some of the harsh ingredients while leaving minerals that are fine for brewing up great tea. From pitchers with built-in filters to under-sink filters or whole-house water filtration systems, there are numerous options on the market today to fit a wide variety of goals and budgets.

Happy New Year!

Once you have the perfect water source on hand, to achieve the best infusion, carefully follow recommended steeping instructions, especially where water temperature and steep time are concerned. Check out our Brewing Tips page and get ready to enjoy better tasting tea all throughout the new year!