January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter

Published by Modern Steep on Jan 5th 2022

Happy New Year!

We hope you enjoyed a safe and festive holiday season and start to the new year. Furthermore, we hope you’re holding up well given the weather has proven quite frightful for so many around the country with record snowfall, windstorms, fire, floods and more just since the Christmas holiday.

As the new year gets rolling, we have news to share with you regarding our 2022 plans for increased sustainability in our work, some changes to how things work on our website, tea updates and more. Grab a cup of your favorite tea as we share this information as well as let you know about a new year’s surprise offer…

Compostable Packaging Survey Results

In early December we requested feedback from you regarding the compostable tea packaging program that we initiated one year ago. Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent survey. Here’s a brief summary of the collected results:

  • Over 93% of respondents indicated being satisfied with the functionality of the bags.
  • 83% want us to continue using the compostable bags while an additional 10% suggested they support use of compostable packaging should we start using compostable labels as well.

We received comments from a small number of folks about bag functionality not living up to expectations. In follow up, we are seriously disappointed knowing that any of you had problems with the new bags. We did learn in late 2021 through the manufacturer that there were “random batches” of compostable bags that had problems with functionality of the zippers. This type of “growing pain” is unfortunate but not completely out of the ordinary given the relative newness of the compostable packaging industry – which comprises only a teeny tiny part of the overall packaging industry.

With the thoughtful feedback provided by those who submitted survey responses, we have put together a set of sustainability goals for 2022 that we want to share in part with you below.

Sustainability Initiatives Page

At Modern Steep, we highly value the role of nature in providing us with healthful, delicious tea. Out of respect for the natural environment, we strive for mindfulness in our practices as they pertain to the planet and each other.

Toward that end, we created a new page on our website that outlines our current and forthcoming sustainability practices. From our plan to introduce compostable labels to new compostable tissue paper, compostable tape and more, we invite you to take a look at our timeline and the steps we’re taking to help ensure we get great tea to you down the street or across the country using the greenest tools possible.


Tea Updates

Morning Rain – after a brief hiatus, this lightly tropical white tea blend is back in stock and ready to satisfy your mid-winter cravings for a sweet taste of the tropics.

Tranquility – we have updated this custom blended tisane using spearmint leaf sourced from Washington State and we’ve implemented use of a higher quality chamomile. The result is a slightly brighter take on the mint note of this soothing and relaxing blend.

Shaman – We very recently made slight updates to this blend as we sourced a higher quality orange peel (with slightly different cut) as well as integrated use of our proprietary Tulsi Holy Basil blend. The resulting blend is very similar to the original iteration though it tends to have a lighter savory note, now having just slightly more emphasis on an earthy-sweet mint note. We hope you enjoy finding your “oohm state” while appreciating this tasty blend’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, digestive, and stress-relieving properties.

Beauty – Updated in mid-December, we made some simple changes with ingredient sourcing so as to keep this popular herbal blend at a reasonable price point, starting with integration of our proprietary blend of Tulsi Holy Basil and using peppermint regionally sourced from Oregon.

Here to Stay? – Two of our “Limited Edition” teas have proved to be quite popular over the past year giving us the notion to keep them on our menu for a longer term as source supplies will allow given they’re both small batch offerings. Check out Benifuuki Black and Ancient Beauty Black teas and give them a try if you’re a fan of delicious out-of-the-ordinary black teas.

Coming Soon – In the early spring, we plan to introduce a remarkable new shou style (ripe, dark) pu-erh that we’ve recently had the great pleasure of discovering and enjoying.

In addition to the new pu-erh, we’re currently working on a new black tea blend to be released later this winter. Stay tuned!

New Year's Gift

In celebration of the new year and the re-release of our Shaman and Beauty herbal blends, we’re pleased to offer you a FREE 1-ounce packet of either Shaman or Beauty with any tea purchase now through January 10, 2022. To claim your free packet, simply write “Shaman” or “Beauty” in the Order Comments field during checkout.

New Payment Gateway

In late December our payment gateway generated several authentication errors negatively affecting the ability for payments to process. As a result, we made a change to the payment gateway used on our website. Essentially, the “payment gateway” is the tool through which credit cards are processed. While slightly expanding the types of credit cards we now accept, our new gateway includes more fraud protection services that help us to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring on our site. The new service also provides a way to optionally store your card info (with encryption) for future use on our site. With the higher level of fraud protection comes some things to be mindful of when entering your credit card information on our site.

Here are some reasons a card may be declined:

  • Billing address supplied during checkout does not accurately match credit card billing address;
  • The card has been the subject of multiple chargebacks (card holder has disputed charges with the credit card company resulting in reversal of charges; this is an indication that the card was previously/recently used without authorization);
  • Card has been used multiple times in quick succession on our site and/or other sites within a short window of time;
  • CVV (security code) is invalid or not supplied;

Should you experience any difficulty with your card, try these steps:

  • Ensure billing address is entered exactly on our checkout page as it is with your credit card company;
  • Ensure that your card number, CVV and expiration dates are entered correctly;
  • Ensure that there are no fraud holds or flags on your credit card;
  • Contact us via email if further information is needed about a declined transaction.

A Joyous New Year

Thanks for reading this month’s tea house updates. As the new year begins, it is our sincere hope that you enjoy a year filled with good health and much happiness. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your healthy living experience. Happy New Year!

PS: Don’t forget to check out our Sustainability Initiatives Page!