July 2021 Newsletter

July 2021 Newsletter

Published by Modern Steep on Jul 13th 2021

Intense summer heat has hit the west coast like never before. With cities across the Pacific Northwest shattering previous heat records in recent days, we’ve been spending quality time with iced tea in hand keeping our palates happy, our hearts content and our bodies cool and well hydrated. We hope you’ve been doing the same!

We have just a few tidbits to share with you this month as we dive deeper into summer mode.

4th Annual Growing Miracles Lavender Festival and Farm Tour

While many of our usual festivals were cancelled for 2021, we are happy to announce that we will have a tasting booth at the Lavender Festival held at Growing Miracles Lavender Farm just northwest of Roseburg, OR. We look forward to being surrounded by lovely people as well as the beauty and fragrance of lavender blossoms during this fun event. July 9-11, 2021.

Tea: Good for You and for the Garden

By now, you’ve heard us tout many of the reasons people have sought out tea over the centuries for everything from its antioxidant properties to its great taste. But, did you know that tea can also be good for plants, too? For plants that crave acidic soil conditions, your spent tea leaves can make a great natural fertilizer. Spent tea leaves has more nitrogen than some garden variety fertilizers. The leaves can act as an antifungal and can even help prevent certain pests from hanging out in your garden. We’ve scoped out a couple of sites for you to check out that speak on the matter of using tea in your garden, including some important do’s and don’ts. Of course, we’re not affiliated with or endorsing these websites by any means; we simply enjoyed reading some of the additional ways tea can enrich our lives beyond the cup.

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Have you Tried it?

There are myriad teas and tisanes (herbals) that can be enjoyed as iced tea but sometimes simplicity wins the day. That's where Lemongrass comes in!

You've probably enjoyed various culinary dishes that include Lemongrass, especially if you're fond of Thai cuisine in particular. But, have you ever tried making tea using Lemongrass? As a hot tea, its warm citrus notes are a true comfort indeed by itself or alongside your favorite savory meal. As an iced tea, however, those citrus notes create a deliciously simple way to stay refreshed. For a little added sweetness, add some honey to the hot brew before adding ice. (see iced tea brewing tips)

While there is limited U.S. research available on the human health effects of lemongrass, research shows that it contains several antioxidants which can help scavenge free radicals in your body. Lemongrass tea is also commonly sought for its microbial properties and to promote healthy digestion amongst other uses.

From a taste standpoint, our pure organic lemongrass offers up a crisp, citrusy-sweet flavor profile that can be enjoyed on its own at any time of day without the worry of caffeine. Lemongrass on ice! Give it a try.

That’s a wrap for now. We wish you a lovely summer (without any more record setting heat waves!) that’s full of fun, sun and refreshing organic tea!