June 2018 Newsletter

by Christopher

We hope you’re enjoying the transition to summer as much as we are. With the warmer weather and so many great opportunities for recreation this time of year, we’re here to offer some tips and tricks for making great tasting, hydrating and healthful ICED TEA! And for a really special treat, try your hand at making tea-infused ICE CREAM.

Making Iced Tea

While there are several ways to turn your favorite loose leaf tea into a cold and refreshing iced beverage, we’ll show you two easy methods…

Cold Brewing

Cold brewing has many advantages over the process of hot brewing and then chilling your tea. While it takes longer to steep, cold brewing couldn’t be easier! Here are some compelling reasons to cold brew your next batch of iced tea…

When cold brewing, the tea leaves are much more forgiving when it comes to steep time and temperature than when hot steeping. Yay! No more over-steeped tea.

Cold brewing draws out fewer tannins from the leaf and provides for a smoother, non-astringent glass of iced tea while maintaining its full flavor.

The slower (cold) brewing process allows tea leaves to release more aroma into the final cup. Oooh, Ahhh.

Many black teas get cloudy or turn orange when chilled after being made with a hot brewing method. Cold steeping these black teas will keep the brew transparent, tasty and delicious.

While research has shown that the same health benefits associated with tea are extracted during cold brewing, there's evidence supporting that cold brewing can increase the extraction of antioxidants in white teas.

And, did we mention it is super easy to cold brew?!

Cold Steeping (1/2 gallon recipe)

Add 18 to 20 grams of tea leaf* directly into pitcher (or into an extra large capsule infuser)

Add 64 oz of cool filtered water

Steep for recommended time (see below) in refrigerator, stirring once or twice during the steep

After steeping, remove infuser or pour leaves through a fine kitchen strainer into ½ gallon pitcher for serving

Cold Brew Steeping Times

Matcha: just 1 minute of vigorous shaking should do it! (1/2 teaspoon matcha per 8 oz cold water)

Green: 10–15 minutes

White: 15–20 minutes

Oolongs: greener leaf styles should be steeped for 2–3 hours while darker styles may take up to 8 hours

black: 8–12 hours

rooibos & herbals: 12–16 hours

*Note: For herbal or blended tea infusions, it is recommended that you “pre-rinse” the blend with hot water (at least 175 degrees) for just a few seconds to kill off any potential bacteria prior to cold-brewing.

Hot Steeping (16 oz cup)

Place tea infuser into an 8 oz or larger measuring cup

Put 3-4 grams tea leaf into infuser

Add 4-5 ounces hot water (use recommended water temperature)

Steep for recommended time based on tea type (generally 1 to 4 minutes)

Fill 16 oz cup with ice

Remove strainer and immediately pour hot tea over ice

Add more ice to top off if needed

Sit back, relax and refresh yourself with some freshly brewed iced tea!

Tasty Ice Cream Idea

Summertime is a great time to enjoy homemade ice cream and adding in your favorite tea will make it even better! It’s as simple as steeping some tea leaves in your heated milk mixture early in the process. You can find numerous recipes available online for inspiration and instructions. Hint: Our Earl la Crème makes a fabulous ice cream treat!

Best wishes for a wonderful summer season. Whether you’re soaking up some sun at the beach, riding your bike, paddling a river, climbing a mountain, or strolling through a festival, stay hydrated and refreshed with organic iced tea!

Cheers for now and Happy Summer!