March 2018 Newsletter

by Christopher

Happy (Almost) Spring 

 It feels like just yesterday we were ringing in the new year and, poof, it’s March already. That's great, 'cause we must be having fun. Anyhow, we hope you're doing well. Read on for news about our current sale and more . . .

March Matcha & More Sale

 With March comes our annual Matcha sale. And, this year we've added several other green teas to the mix as you consider ways to go green this month. We’re not sure how much green tea Saint Patrick consumed or if green tea will surpass the consumption of green beer this St. Patty's day, but, should you spill a bit on your outfit, you’re sure to remain invisible to those pesky, pinching leprechauns. And, your body will certainly appreciate the benefits of green tea in the process. Our March Matcha & More Sale ends March 20.

Getting Whisk-y With It

 Speaking of green, have you had your matcha today? If not, you’re missing out on the most unique and nutritious tea on the planet! Quickly and easily whisked up into an intense frothy liquor, it's often referred to as the "espresso of tea." Matcha provides a healthy boost for mind and body with its powerful vitamins and minerals. Ours is ceremonial grade, slowly ground, organic matcha made from spring harvested Japanese shade-grown tencha. No fillers, no sugars, no nonsense. It’s just pure, delicious, matcha. 

Matcha has been shown to have over 10x the nutrients of steeped green tea. It's reported to contain 70x the antioxidants of orange juice and 9x the beta carotene of spinach. It's highly energizing yet calming at the same time and often used to boost metabolism, awaken the mind and uplift your mood. Now it’s time to get whisk-y with it.

With Our Thanks

We want to acknowledge with sincere gratitude the many cafes, restaurants and grocers that feature and/or use our teas. We appreciate their enthusiasm and support as, together, we spread the love of tea to folks near and far. Find out who they are on our About Us page and show ‘em some love next time you’re out and about.

Until next time, we wish you a wonderful transition into spring this March. And as always, we thank you for your business and for the many thoughtful comments you've sent our way on orders and emails.