March Newsletter

by Christopher


Kicking off our annual celebration of the most potent and nutritious tea on the planet, we invite you to join us this Saturday for our Matcha Workshop. Then, you are invited to enjoy significant savings on ceremonial grade matcha during our annual matcha sale. Read on . . .


Stock up on matcha during our once-a-year matcha sale event. From its strong antioxidant properties including the powerful catechin EGCG, a variety of vitamins, metabolism boosting properties and more, make matcha a rich, satisfying and healthy part of your daily routine. Enjoy the physical effects of its caffeine boost coupled with the amino acid, L-Theanine, for a state of relaxed alertness. Mental clarity without the jitters!

Not messing with a good thing, our ceremonial grade matcha is made using organic, shade-grown tencha and contains no fillers, no sugars or no additives. Pure. Delicious. Matcha.

  • 30g Tin $24(Reg. $29.50)
  • 100g Pouch $75 (Reg. $85)
  • 50g Fuji Matcha (Reserves) $40 (Reg. $45)

Sale prices in effect March 5–31, 2017. Shop online or in our Capitol Hill location.


Construction is nearing completion on our building. Thank you to those who have remained faithful throughout the rather long process of remodeling the building’s exterior. We hope everyone will enjoy the updated look while we and our neighboring businesses enjoy more visibility and a future without leaks!


After months of exploration and preparation, we will soon reveal some rather large and exciting news about our company. As a teaser, our bulk tea packaging will become much more informative, a new retail tea tin program will begin, and you may soon find us elsewhere in the phone book! Stay tuned.

It's all in a leaf. Delicious, healthful moments begin rather simply on the branch of the Camellia Sinensis (the tea plant).

Live Better. Drink Tea.