May 2019 Newsletter

May 2019 Newsletter

Published by christopher on May 7th 2019

Greetings from Modern Steep! We hope you are doing well this fine month of May. We have just a couple of thoughts to share, as well as news about a new item coming to our menu later this summer. 

Mother's & Others Day Gift Idea

Treat your mom or someone special to the gift of healthful, delicious tea. With over 100 teas to choose from, including ancient classics to our huge assortment of custom blended teas, there’s something to suit every taste. Lift someone’s spirits today by sending them a Modern Steep Gift Certificate. It’s a gift you can feel really good about giving.

A Great Pairing: Rooibos & Summer Recreation

With the warmer weather of the season comes more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and recreation. While there are plenty of sports drinks and “ades” on the market, most are loaded with chemicals, sugar and artificial this or that. Choosing a healthier option that’s full of great taste while supplying antioxidants and other benefits couldn’t be easier with our wide selection of Rooibos (pron: ROY-boss) blends.

Grown on the western coast of South Africa, Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) is not a traditional tea (a.k.a., Camelia Sinensis). Rooibos does not have the tannins often associated with black tea and it is naturally caffeine-free, making it a great choice for those seeking a rich cup without the effects of caffeine. This also makes it a popular choice for kids and those looking for afternoon or evening beverage options. From a taste perspective, plain rooibos generally reveals primarily honey, woody, earthy and/or caramel notes. It is great on its own and is often used as a base for a number of different herbal blends due to its relatively neutral flavor profile.

As you prepare for your next hike, bike trip or picnic, take along some freshly brewed rooibos, hot or cold, and feel good about what’s in your cup. Staying hydrated never felt (or tasted) so good.

Newsletter (Email) Subscriber Special

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Stay Tuned - New Item Announcement

With the growing popularity of matcha in the U.S., we are preparing to offer a new matcha item to our retail menu, specifically Culinary Grade Organic Matcha. Up to this point, we have focused solely on offering our Ceremonial Grade Certified Organic Matcha to our retail customers while we’ve long offered a culinary grade matcha to our wholesale clients.

Our culinary grade matcha is used by cafes and bars as an ingredient in lattes, smoothies, ice cream and other recipes. Some even whisk it up for individual servings straight up as it is generally received as a being a fine and high quality matcha despite not being our highest grade. We are currently working with our partners in Japan to package our culinary grade matcha in different sizes and anticipate rolling out the options later this summer. Its lower price point will make it even easier to add this nutritionally rich “super food” to your next recipe. So, stay tuned for more options in the matcha category!

And while on the subject of matcha, we invite you to view our short video on how to prepare your own cup of healthful, delicious matcha.

Tea Update

We're pleased to share that our Morning Rain (2.0) white tea blend is back online after a brief outage. While we work hard to keep things regularly available, we had some unexpectedly large orders for this beautiful blend that left us a little short. Good news: It's back!

Best wishes for a wonderful month of May. Thank you, as always, for reading along and for your appreciation of our favorite natural beverage, tea!