May 2020 Newsletter​

May 2020 Newsletter​

Published by Modern Steep on May 5th 2020

  As one of our lovely customers wrote to us today... cherry blossoms have bloomed and the tips of new green leaves now breaking through offer us a “spring chorus.”

These glimpses of nature at work give us hope, provide a ray of much needed sunshine to lift our spirits and remind us of the true beauty of the world we live in. May we be ever mindful of the need to take this time to reflect on things larger (and far more beautiful) than traffic woes, politics, fear and frantic schedules to re-center ourselves spiritually, emotionally and physically.

As we welcome spring in all its glory, here are a few updates from our corner of the world…

Tea Time in the Spring Sunshine

Day to Day Operations

Day to day life has changed for so many in recent months as it has for us as well. While our spring tea-travels have been disrupted due to the pandemic, we are sincerely grateful for our wonderful, loyal customers who continue to support Modern Steep through our online store. We've been working hard to fill and ship orders out on a timely basis - so far, so good, though we know many packages are taking a day or two extra to reach their destinations.

As nearly all of our wholesale clients (cafes, etc.) have experienced unprecedented times over the past couple of months, our hearts go out to them as they prepare for various phases of reopening in the coming weeks, wishing them much success. For all of us, there has never been a more important time to support small business, now and going forward. Small businesses are made up of your neighbors, your friends and, for many, your relatives. Sharing our love and support of one another is what makes the world a better place.

On our supplier side, we have been in touch with several of our tea makers who report varying levels of impact to their own operations. While most are in very remote regions, they have thankfully not been impacted by illness directly. However, many have been impacted in their ability to work as normal during spring harvest due to restrictions put in place by their respective authorities. We remain optimistic that access to our growers and suppliers will only improve going forward. In the meantime, we'll keep you informed of any potential outages should they occur.

Video Premiere: Understanding Tea from Farm to Cup

Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 5 pm (Pacific)

Hosted (online) by Blue Zones Project – Umpqua

On YouTube: Understanding Tea from Farm to Cup

Join us for a 50-minute chat about the origins of tea, a discussion of various tea types, sharing tips for brewing tea and tasting like a pro! Also included will be a brief comparison of various green teas in particular.

Originally scheduled to be a live presentation and tea tasting for Blue Zones Project – Umpqua, we had to cancel the in-person event due to COVID-19 restrictions and put together a “virtual” presentation instead. As such, we are inviting you to check out the presentation that will run via Facebook & YouTube 5 pm, May 6th, 2020.

Here’s a little background info on the Blue Zones Project:

Author and National Geographic Fellow, Dan Buettner, ventured out several years ago to discover places in the world in which people live the longest and are healthiest. He wrote about those people and places in his bestselling book, "The Blue Zones." From there, much more work has been done toward understanding the secrets of living longer, living better. Of course, as tea enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for examples of how tea can enrich and improve life and health, thus we have enjoyed learning more about the work of the Blue Zones Project. Furthermore, we have been honored to partner with our regional Blue Zones Project organization in community outreach and events.

New Tea Ware: Double-Wall Glass with Infuser

Several years ago we had the privilege of meeting designer John Yeh, founder of TrYeh Tea Ware. We started using TrYeh glassware in our prior café location and immediately recognized the quality of this glassware. In fact, we found in day to day commercial use that his glassware held up better than the big brand name glassware we had previously used.

We’re happy to introduce a new TrYeh item to our tea ware collection, the Double-Wall 10-ounce Glass with Lid and Stainless Steel Infuser. The glass fits comfortably in hand thanks to its sleek, slightly tapered design. Furthermore, the double wall construction of durable borosilicate glass protects your hands from heat while helping to keep your tea nice and warm. The set includes a fine mesh stainless steel infuser large enough for even the biggest white tea leaves or the ever-expanding leaves of large format teas like our Ti Kwan Yin oolong. Also included is a lid that serves as a drip tray for your infuser to keep your desk tidy and dry until you’re ready to re-insert the infuser for your next steep of great tea.

In the Works: Compostable Packaging

We continue to make progress toward introducing compostable tea packaging in the near future. We look forward to making the switch as early as this summer as we further our efforts in the area of sustainability. In the meantime, we’re busy creating new labels for each and every tea on our menu – and that’s a lot of labels! Stay tuned.

Package Sizing Requests

Please note that we are happy to combine multiple units of a tea into larger packaging as applicable. For instance, two one-ounce selections of the same tea can be combined into one larger package for convenience and better use of resources. Just let us know your request in the "Order Comments" field during the check out process.

In closing, we wish you peace and wellness more than ever. Thank you again for supporting us year round, and especially during these challenging times. And, don't forget to tune in on May 6th if you can for our lessons on tea origins and such. Cheers for now. Christopher.