November 2020 Newsletter

November 2020 Newsletter

Published by Modern Steep on Nov 9th 2020

Autumn is in full swing and so are we! October thankfully brought much needed rain and relief from smoke and fires in the Pacific Northwest. The cooler weather of autumn certainly has more people enjoying tea. As such, we’re keeping quite busy. We’ve also been preparing some new and exciting things to share with you as the holiday season approaches.

Today also marks a special day in our world as we celebrate 14 years of bringing people together with nature’s glorious gift of tea. Happy Birthday, Modern Steep!

In the sections below, you'll learn about our newest teas, a Modern Steep birthday gift for you, an alternate perspective on gift giving, and a new webpage devoted to pairing tea with your next meal.

Happy Birthday, Modern Steep

Thanks for 14 great years of serving up organic tea!

Food & Tea Pairing

You often hear about food and wine pairings, but have you ever thought about how to intentionally pair healthful tea with your favorite meal? With wide ranging types of tea to consider, we know it can be a bit perplexing and we’re here to help! We’ve just recently added a new page to our website to do just that. Check out our new Tea & Food Pairing page for some great ideas on how to add this healthful beverage to your next tabletop spread.

More than a Gift, An Experience

With the upcoming holiday season in mind, we invite you to consider how the gift of tea could go far beyond landing just another “thing” on the doorstep of friends and family. Most of us have plenty of stuff, so gifting an experience can often be more memorable. They can be gifts that generate creative outputs (workshops, craft classes, cooking classes, etc.), provoke emotions (like attending a symphony or play), or spark adventure (activities and excursions).

Have you ever thought about tea as an experience? Let’s break it down...

  1. Smelling the dry leaf can offer one feelings of warmth, excitement, and/or anticipation.
  2. Measuring out the leaf, preparing utensils and heating water are mental and physical engagements in the process of tea preparation.
  3. Once prepared, the aroma of freshly brewed tea may conjure up images or sensations associated with that particular aroma.
  4. Gripping and lifting the cup followed by sipping the tea offer more opportunities for physical engagement.
  5. Experiencing the taste and function (relaxing, stimulating, etc.) are just that – an experience.
  6. And, finally, there’s reflecting on the thoughtfulness of the gift giver as one who cared enough to make this multi-sensory, personalized experience possible.

Limited Time Tea Offerings

We’re excited to present three unique teas for a limited time. We hope you enjoy these for yourself and/or as a gift for someone special. Once you’ve tried them, we’d love to get your feedback as this helps us identify tea types and styles that make you happy! And, we certainly like to keep you smiling.

Moonflower Oolong is a delicate blend of organic jasmine and a lovely greener style (lightly oxidized) oolong. This silky smooth and subtly floral tea is available for a very limited time. 20+ serving, 2-ounce package: Reg. $10.00 Sale Price $7.90

From the infamous Makaibari Tea Estate in Darjeeling, we bring you their most delicious 2nd Flush Darjeeling organic black tea. This lightly oxidized black tea is silky and refined having a light muscatel note and light astringency. 20+ serving, 2-ounce package: Reg. $11.90/oz Sale Price: $8.00

Satin Kisses is a limited offering blend combining organic South African rooibos, dark roasted yerba maté, cacao nibs, spearmint, peppermint and vanilla. This blend has similarities to our popular Red Satin blend, though Satin Kisses provides a small caffeine kick with the caramelized earthy notes of the included maté. Satin Kisses is available in a 40+ serving, 4-ounce package. Reg. $16.00 Sale Price: $9.95

To ensure adequate production time and timely delivery amidst what will be a historically busy shipping season, we encourage you to get your holiday gift orders in as early as possible. Here are some guidelines to help ensure timely arrival of your gift orders:

  • Midwest & East Coast Destinations: Order by December 5
  • West Coast Destinations: Order by December 10

Thanks again for being part of our tea family and 14 year history. We are honored by the years of loyalty by so many of our customers and grateful for those who have more recently come aboard. We wish you well this autumn season of Thanksgiving.