October 2021 Newsletter

October 2021 Newsletter

Published by Modern Steep on Oct 7th 2021

Happy Autumn Sipping!

We hope the autumn season is off to a good start for you. What delicious teas have you been enjoying on these cooler mornings? For many, the tea drinking season is kicking into high gear. For others, perhaps it’s just a change of flavors or styles for the new season. Whatever your choice, grab a cup of tea and join us for a few updates as we kick off the month of October...

New Gift Box Options

With autumn in the air and the holiday season quickly approaching, we’ve spruced up our Gift Box a bit by adding a new insert made specifically to display our small gift tins. Four tins fit snugly in place using our new fully recyclable insert. Of course, the entire box has many great sustainable features including soy-based ink and glue-free construction while being both reusable and recyclable.

Along with the new insert, we’ve also added the option for you to “Build Your Own” custom gift set. Choose four small gift tins from a growing number of tea options with complete sets yielding up to 80 servings plus re-steeps. Or, we have a couple of themed gift sets for you to consider as you plan thoughtful gifts for those you love in celebration of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or just to share your thoughtfulness any time of the year.

Japanese Black Tea Updates

Last month we introduced two rarely made black teas from Japan, Benifuuki Black and Yakushima Island Black. Since then, we’ve sent packets to curious tea lovers far and wide. As of this writing, we're halfway through this “Limited Edition” offering. If you haven’t had a chance to try them out, get to it pretty quickly while we still have some on hand.

Given the initial feedback we’ve received about these two teas, we are considering the possibility of bringing one of them onto our menu long-term as available from the tea maker. As such, we’re asking those of you who have tried them to help us make that decision. We’d be grateful for your feedback regarding these teas as we try to curate a collection that is exceptional, meaningful and diverse. Just click the link below to send us a note. We'd love to hear from you!  SEND US A NOTE

Tea Goes Great With...

Over the years, we’ve shared various examples of how tea can be part of everything from your morning wake up routine, to pairing it with meals, using it in culinary dishes, in cocktails, mocktails and more. We’re delighted to have our teas featured in your own cup as well as in craft liqueurs, ginger beers and various libations created by skilled distillers, restauranteurs and bartenders.

Our most recent tea-infused experience is thanks to the guys at Philadelphia’s up and coming Crom Dubh’s Meadery. Mead is an ancient beverage made by fermenting honey with the option of adding herbs, spices, hops, botanicals, or our favorite -- tea! Crom Dubh's founders Drew and Emilio recently unveiled two honey wines or meads using our custom blends Luna Rossa and Cacao Mate. They currently have others in progress as we write and we can’t wait to give them a try!

Crom Dubh’s is at the beginning of what we believe will be a splendid journey as they marry ancient traditions with modern tastes along with plans to open up a brick & mortar in the foreseeable future. To Crom Dubh’s we offer this old Gaelic blessing… “May your troubles be less and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door.”

While you can’t yet order meads from Crom Dubh’s, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating their creative use of tea in their craft.

If you know of a distiller, brewer, or master of libations looking to enhance their beverage creations with something unique and delicious, please send them our way. They may even qualify to be part of our wholesale program. And, we’d love to give them a shout out. People helping people. Cheers to that!

Happiness is Brewing at Mr. West

Speaking of delicious treats made with tea, if you're in the Seattle area, you'll have to check out the awesome new seasonal libation, Seattle Smog Latte, made by the extremely talented crew at Mr. West Cafe Bar. This tantalizing brew is made with pine smoked black tea, apple, milk of choice, a hint of honey and cinnamon. It will surely get your cool autumn morning off to a great start.

Mr. West has two stunning locations in Seattle serving up this and many other tea-based treats to keep your day running smooth. Downtown Seattle (720 Olive Way) and University Village (2685 NE Village Way). Online ordering option for pick-up available at the U-Village location.

Spice Up the Season

With the cooler weather of the season upon us, we've got plenty of chai blends available. In fact, we have eight chai variations to put a little spice in your cup this autumn! From traditional black tea chai blends to mate, pu-erh, white tea and herbal options, we have you covered this season!

Well, that about sums up things for now. We look forward to serving you this month as your tea needs arise. In the meantime, thanks for reading along this month. We wish you peace and love throughout the season and great tea in your cup.