Spring Updates 2017

by christopher

Same Journey, New Name

On April 12th, we closed for the day to make some updates to our Capitol Hill cafe while at the same time shifting from our former name, Remedy Teas, to Modern Steep. We hope the new name will better reflect the broad range of pure leaf teas and custom artisan blends we offer. Additionally, we hope that you'll enjoy the updated look of our cafe featuring a warmer color palette and a number of beautiful living plants. As always, we will continue to source the best organic teas and greet you with a warm and friendly smile when you walk in the door!

New Tea Talk

Our new Kabuse Cha (Fukamushi) tea from Kagoshima, Japan, has been one of the most exciting new releases ever! One smell of its deep, rich aroma will have you craving cup after cup. The deep steam process early in production of this tea yields a buttery, creamy and bold set of complex flavors that come alive even after multiple infusions. It took us nearly two years of tasting our way through countless samples to land on this gem and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Tea Tip

Tea leaves come in all different shapes and sizes from the small nuggets of Gunpowder Pearl to heavy Sencha needles to the large open leaves of Bai Mu Dan (white tea). For the best infusion, tea leaves should be measured out by weight and not by volume. We recommend using three grams of leaf per eight ounces of water. For Sencha, that's just under a teaspoon while for a white tea, that could be more than a tablespoon!

Don't own a kitchen scale? No worries! Our new loose leaf tea packages now feature all the information you need regarding everything from scoop size to temperature as well as origin and ingredient information. It's one more way we can help you brew perfect tea anywhere!