Summer 2018 Newsletter

by Christopher

   Life’s simply better with tea and here are more reasons why...

Tea Talk: Rooibos - That "Tea" With a Funny Name

With summer weather and recreation in full swing, our tea talk focus this month is on Rooibos – a plant rich with minerals, antioxidants and hydrating properties. Pronounced “ROY-boss”, this is a tisane (an herb consumed like tea but not from the Camelia Sinensis plant) cultivated predominately in the mountainous Western Cape province of South Africa. The name Rooibos means “red bush” though the leaves are actually green until heated in early production.

From a taste perspective, rooibos is slightly earthy (somewhat like yerba maté) with some likening it to the taste of a lighter-style black tea without the tannins. Its fairly neutral flavor makes it a great base for blending with herbs, botanicals and spices for a world of flavor options to suit any taste. Or, it can simply be enjoyed on its own as a great way to enrich and naturally hydrate yourself before, during and after any physical activity.

Beside its unique taste and blending possibilities are many health benefits associated with rooibos. Countless studies have shown rooibos to contain high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, including the beneficial flavonoids Quercetin and Luteolin. Some pretty amazing benefits of rooibos consumption have been revealed in study after study including cardio-protective properties, increased metabolism of fat cells, help with regulation of blood glucose levels, promotion of healthy skin and hair, positive effect on brain health and digestive health, provision of minerals for stronger bones and more. Furthermore, it contains no caffeine, making it an excellent option to enjoy throughout the day or for those who need to avoid caffeine in general. And, yes, it’s widely considered great for kids!

Making rooibos tea is quite straightforward. To get the most nutritional benefit of this amazing plant, longer steep times are suggested. At a minimum, steep at least 4-5 minutes (longer is preferred) for hot infusions or 12-24 hours when cold steeping. Either way, you’re not going to have the bitterness often associated with “over-steeping” true teas.

The bottom line is this… Rooibos is a highly regarded, antioxidant-rich, caffeine free and delicious way to promote overall health and well being. Enjoy some today and everyday.

Save the Dates

Entering its second year, Tea Fest PDX will be held on July 21st at the World Forestry Center (Cheatham Hall) near Portland’s zoo.

The award-winning Northwest Tea Festival enters its 11th year this fall having served as a model for regional festivals elsewhere around the country. The 2018 festival will take place September 29 and 30 at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall.

New Spaces

We are pleased to announce that after several months of searching, acquisition and set up, we are now operating our online store from an expanded location near Melrose Oregon, the heart of the Umpqua Valley wine region. We are excited to bring all parts of our operation (office, production, storage, shipping, etc.) under one roof wherein we can spend more time focused on providing prompt and efficient service, exploring new teas and more. We love the Pacific Northwest with all of its natural beauty and resources and are excited to expand our work with tea from this most serene and delightful locale.

Happy Fourth

As we prepare to celebrate the birthday of our great nation, we encourage you to share some love (and tea) with your family, friends, neighbors and perhaps even a stranger or two. The world could use some more loving after all. Be safe in your celebrations and we look forward to connecting with you again soon. Cheers to that!