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Dragonwell tea, or Longjing, is considered the most prestigious of teas hailing from the birthplace of tea itself. While there are many "grades" of Dragonwell and "Longjing-style" teas available, our Qing Ming Longjing is a gorgeous and, most importantly, authentic example of this revered tea. Longjing has been cultivated for over 1200 years and for many centuries was reserved and accessible only to the most noble and privileged. 

Our Qing Ming Longjing is organically cultivated at an elevation of about 2400 feet on Tian'mu Mountain in Hangzhou (Zhejiang province). It is the highest grade of Longjing plucked during the Qing Ming season - a highly celebrated period marking the beginning of spring, celebrating life, beauty and the season of renewal. Germination of our Longjing is just slightly later than conventional (fertilized) versions this tea. It is made using the earliest buds and youngest leaf, meticulously hand-harvested around April 4-8. 

The tea is made from the traditional Qun Ti Zhong cultivar, considered the oldest Longjing species on record, dating back to the Tang Dynasty. It is the lowest yielding and slowest germinating cultivar used to make Dragonwell tea, adding to its most desirable taste and high favorability. 

From a cupping perspective, this beautiful Longjing presents a warm and comforting aroma and taste. We are enamored by its almost creamy body and its lingering, sweet and slightly nutty finish. 

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Steeping Instructions::
Steep for 1-2 minutes using 175F filtered water. Enjoy 2-3 re-steeps.

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