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Our Four Seasons organic greener-style oolong comes from the border of the Guangxi and Yunnan Provinces near Vietnam. The region is known for its wild and sometimes strange looking topography including its many rivers, caves and towering karst formations – a landscape of large formations shaped by the erosion of limestone and other soluble rock types.

This oolong tea is made using the Ruan Zhi cultivar of the Camelia Sinensis (tea plant) grown at an altitude of nearly 6000 feet. Given the high elevation, the leaves including the bud and first two full leaves are plucked in May – a few weeks later than lower elevation teas. The harvested tea leaves are oxidized to a point of about 40%.

The steeped leaf slowly unfurls over sequential steeps to reveal a transparent, lightly golden liquor. This tea presents notes of orchid and lilac with subtle mineral notes. It is medium bodied on the palate and leaves a soft and lingering aromatic finish. While this tea pairs well with lighter fares and desserts, it is rather delightful on its own or enjoyed with a simple slice of light melon or pear.

(contains caffeine)

Preparation Tip:

Initial infusions of this tightly wound tea leaf will be soft and light; we call the first steep or two the "wake up" infusions as the leaf becomes rehydrated and starts to unfurl. It will take a couple of infusions to fully reveal the full array of flavors contained within this rather fragrant leaf. We encourage you to start small, steeping only the amount needed for one small serving. Then, enjoy successive infusions of the leaf to find the perfect cup for you, noting the changes in flavor over the repeated steeps.



Additional Details

Steeping Instructions::
Steep with 185F degree filtered water for 3 minutes. Enjoy 3-4 re-steeps.

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