Gift Certificates



Gift certificates are a wonderful way to share the gift of healthful, delicious tea with others. Our online gift certificates may be purchased in a number of different denominations and you can choose the visual style of the certificate that is sent to that someone special. There's also an opportunity for you to include a personalized message. Once you complete the online gift certificate purchase, the recipient is immediately notified by email.  From there, they can enjoy shopping for a favorite tea or accessory on our website. While gift certificates do not expire, they are non-refundable.

NOTE: If you'd like to postpone delivery of the Gift Certificate, simply have it sent to your email address first and then forward it to the intended recipient when the time is right. (Enter your email address under both "Your Email Address" and the "Recipient's Email Address" fields on the form.)

Click HERE to design your personalized gift certificate


Do you have a physical gift card that was issued from our retail store? While that card number will not work on our website, you can easily have your card converted to store credit for use on our website. Simply CONTACT US to initiate the process. When contacting us, please provide the gift card number that is printed on the physical card. From there we'll transfer the balance from your legacy gift card to an online account for you. The physical card will be deactivated and can then be discarded or kept as a souvenir! Let us know if you have any questions.