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Ginger TLC is an invigorating, peppery and cleansing tonic custom crafted with organic turmeric, lemongrass, ginger, lemon myrtle, green rooibos and chili flakes.  Yes, this rather zealous creation reveals a little "heat" on the palate from the inclusion of ginger and spice. However, all things come together in a final brew having a lemony twist, offering a functional and tantalizing treat for your whole self.  Ginger TLC contains ingredients often sought for functions including improved circulation, respiratory wellness, immune support and aid for troubled tummies. Whether for function or great taste, this zesty creation is sure to please while giving your taste buds a great reason to dance!  

This reusable round gift tin contains two ounces of loose leaf tea, yielding approximately 20 eight-ounce servings plus 1-2 re-steeps.

(no caffeine)

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