Hairy Peak Mao Jian | Organic Green Tea

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Considered to be one of the top teas produced in China, this organic tea is formally known as “Mao Jian.”  The name is often translated to mean Hairy Tips or Hairy Peak and is descriptive of the leaf shape. "Mao" refers to the tiny fuzz found in the cup when brewed while "jian" refers to shape of tea leaves being sharp, full young spring leaves. The leaf steeps up a pleasant and refreshing liquor with a fragrant, slightly vegetal aroma and a subtle lingering sweetness. This tea is a great alternative for those who enjoy a sweeter tasting green tea with less grassy or oceanic notes than typically found in Japanese sencha. (contains caffeine)

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Steeping Instructions:
Steep with 175F degree filtered water for 1 minute. Enjoy 2 - 3 re-steeps

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