Houjicha (Roasted Green Tea)

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Houjicha is made from organic Bancha which is essentially sencha green tea that is picked in summer and early fall instead of early spring. After preparing the bancha, the leaves are then roasted at a temperature of over 300F degrees, resulting in a chestnut-brown colored tea leaf.  Unlike other Japanese green teas, houjicha is not grassy or vegetal. Instead, the roasted leaves yield a wonderful toasty, caramel-like aroma and taste that pairs exceptionally well with savory meals or even treats (say, like dark chocolate!).  By itself, there is hardly a more warming and comforting tea experience to be enjoyed. Some liken the taste to warm hazelnuts dripped with honey. 

Because of the way this tea is made, much of the caffeine content is reduced making for a low-caffeine tea experience you can enjoy virtually any time of the day or evening. And because of the low caffeine, houjicha is often a tea served to children in Japan. 

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Steeping Instructions::
Steep for 1 minute using filtered 175F degree water. Enjoy 2-3 re-steeps with slightly longer infusion times.

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