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Huangshan Mao Feng (2oz Sale Pack) | Organic Green Tea

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Hailing from the dense forestry of Fuxi Village in Huangshan (Anhui Province), this tea is grown at an altitude of around 2000 feet. The area is filled with streams and soil rich with minerals. This highly fragrant special grade tea is made from the Huangshan Zhong cultivar, plucked at its prime in early April. The area is known for wild orchids growing on the banks of local streams and on the tea garden itself. This exquisite tea is reminiscent of those orchids, having a fresh, sweet and slightly floral nose and taste. 

The term Huangshan stands for "Yellow Mountain", home to many famous varieties of green tea. All together, Huangshan Mao Feng roughly translates to "Yellow Mountain Fur Peak" due to the fine hairs covering the leaves and the unique peaked shape of the leaves once dry, resembling the peak of a mountain. At the time of plucking, just prior to the infamous Qingming Festival, only the youngest leaf and bud are picked. This is one of our most fragrant, sweet and delightful pure leaf green teas, having a supple mouthfeel with virtually indiscernible astringency.

Two Ounce Sale Pack will yield about 20 initial servings plus multiple re-steeps.

(contains caffeine)


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Steeping Instructions::
Steep for 1-2 minutes using 175 degree F filtered water. Enjoy 2-3 re-steeps.

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