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Grown on the Shimodozono "bio farm" located in beautiful Kagoshima, Japan, this is one of the richest and most luxurious styles of green teas produced anywhere. This is a first flush (first harvest of the spring), deep steamed (Fukamushi), shaded organic tea.

Difficult to find in the US market, especially in organic format, this tea is made from leaves that undergo eight days of shading prior to plucking. This process increases levels of chlorophyll, the amino acid theanine and the alkaloid caffeine and helps to elevate sweet vegetal notes in the final brew.

Shortly after picking, the leaf is heated in traditional Japanese fashion using steam to prevent oxidation (de-enzyme). Rather than applying a light (Asamushi) or medium (Chumushi) length steam, the deeper steaming of this leaf for over a minute yields a liquor that is particularly creamy, buttery, deeply rich and somewhat sweet.

The cultivars (variety of Camellia Sinensis) used in this tea are two of our favorites, Yutaka Midori and Yabukita. The final result is an emerald green, slightly cloudy brew with low astringency and a full bodied, umami and slightly sweet taste. Truly, this is a favorite of green tea connoisseurs.

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Steeping Instructions::
Carefully steep with 160-170F degree filtered water for only 30 seconds. Enjoy 3-4 re-steeps. Experiment with different steep times to reach desired flavor.

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