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Our house-branded certified organic ceremonial grade matcha is made from spring-picked organic single-estate tencha grown in Kagoshima, Japan and custom ground for us in Shizuoka. The tencha leaves are shaded for 20 days prior to being harvested. Shading increases chlorophyll levels, lightly sweetens the flavor and increases production of amino acids, particularly L-Theanine. Matcha is widely appreciated for increasing mental clarity, boosting metabolism, and providing a focused energy sustained for several hours without the "jitters."

Our super premium, nutritionally rich, great tasting ceremonial grade matcha gets whisked up to create a thick and creamy froth or foam. Unlike any traditionally steeped tea, matcha has a big "mouthfeel" and is far more nutritious as 100% of the vital tea leaf is being ingested when consumed. There are numerous "grades" and variations of matcha on the market today though many include additives such as sugars, starches and stabilizers. We pride ourselves in bringing you one of the finest examples of pure, organic matcha available in the world! 

Watch a brief video on how to whisk up your own bowl of creamy, nutrient-rich matcha. 

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