Old Bush Yunnan | Organic Black Tea

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This is a rich and slightly sweet organic black tea made with hand-picked leaves from the historically significant Yunnan province – considered the birthplace of tea.  The hardy bushes from which this tea was made were planted from seed in the 1960s.  Our Old Bush Yunnan is a first flush tea plucked in mid-March (first pick of the harvest year). The finished tea is full of golden tips and yields a somewhat flowery, sweet aroma and has a strong character balanced with moderate tannins. It is bold though mellow, having relatively low astringency or bitterness. As such, it drinks great on its own, but it stands up well to added milk and sugar for those who prefer to mix it up a little. 

(Contains Caffeine)

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Steeping Instructions::
Steep with 205F Degree Filtered Water for 3-4 Minutes. Enjoy 2-3 Re-Steeps.

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