Sencha Kanoya (Deep Steamed)

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Hailing from a tea garden in Kanoya-City, Kagoshima, this exquisite organic Japanese sencha is delightfully rich and subtly sweet on the palate. It is made using the Saemidori cultivar that is often used for producing Gyokuro or Matcha due to its high amino acids. This particular sencha undergoes a deep steaming process (fukamushi) once harvested to de-enzyme the leaf, thereby preventing oxidation. While the meticulous deep steaming process makes the leaf supple, naturally resulting in broken leaf pieces, it produces a liquor that is deeper and richer in flavor with a more full-bodied and creamy mouth feel than light-steamed (asamushi) teas.  This fine example of deep steamed sencha leans more toward sweet than savory with a light grassy note iconic of Japanese green tea.

The brew time of this deep steamed tea is much briefer than other teas, taking only 25-30 seconds of steep time using water of just 160-175 degrees Fahrenheit.  Proper brewing methods will ensure an exquisite, delicious tea with very low astringency.

Note: We anticipate the return of this wonderful tea in mid-Summer 2020 as supplies and transportation become more readily available. 

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Steeping Instructions:
Steep just 30 seconds using 160-170F filtered water. Enjoy 2-3 re-steeps.

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