Sencha Komaki (Deep Steamed)

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Grown on the pristine BioFarm of Komaki Ryokuhoen at the foot of Mt. Kinpou near Kagoshima, Japan, this is a deep-steamed (fukamushi) organic sencha tea comprised of three exquisite cultivars of the Camelia Sinensis (tea) plant. Yutaka Midori, Asanoka and Saki Midori are gracefully blended together to create this rich, vibrant and enticing green tea. The aroma is reminiscent of the seabreeze and having sweet vegetal characteristics. The Yutaka Midori cultivar is one found mainly in Kagoshima. It's name translates to mean "abundant green" and it reveals a wonderful balance of sweetness and mild astringency on its own.  Asanoka is a cultivar developed specifically in Kagoshima and produces a taste full of umami with natural sweetness. Saki Midori presents a bright green color, with a fresh vegetal aroma and very mild in taste. The nitrogen and amino acid levels in the processed tea of this cultivar are higher than in other more common Japanese tea cultivars. 

Shortly after picking, the leaf is heated in traditional Japanese fashion using steam to prevent oxidation (de-enzyme). Rather than applying a light (Asamushi) or medium (Chumushi) length steam, the deeper steaming (fukamushi) of this leaf for over a minute yields a liquor that is particularly creamy, deeply rich and somewhat sweet. Furthermore, because of the deep steaming process, the leaf becomes more subtle and requires only a very brief and delicate steeping process of just 30 seconds using water of only 175F degrees. 

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Steeping Instructions::
Steep for just 30 seconds using filtered water of 175F degrees. Enjoy 2-3 additional steeps before discarding the leaves.

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