Pu-erh Teas


Organically grown Pu-erh ("pooh-air") teas are rare teas most notably originating in China and Taiwan. They are loaded with nutrients and are time-honored for their medicinal benefits.

Unlike other tea styles (green, black, white, oolong, etc.), pu-erhs undergo an intentional fermentation process and most can be aged for years to impart truly unique earthy tastes and aromas.

There are two main styles of pu-erh teas, specifically Shou and Sheng. Cooked (shou) pu-erh teas are quite bold, dark and inky and often have a slightly musky taste reminiscent of soil and leather. Green or raw (sheng) pu-erhs steep into a lighter golden brew with similarities of  fragrant, though slightly earthy, green tea. Pu-erhs lack the astringency and bitterness often associated with bold black teas and/or green teas, with many pu-erhs having a slightly sweet and well satisfying finish.

Pu-erh teas are commonly sought after for functionality related to metabolizing fat, controlling cholesterol, benefits to heart and circulatory health as well as probiotic qualities and digestive enzymes.  

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