Yerba Mate


Organically grown Yerba Maté (“mah-tay”) is an invigorating drink from South America that we lovingly call the espresso of tisanes. Each stimulating cup is said to increase mental clarity, rejuvenate the body, provide antioxidants, vitamins & minerals & boost the immune system.

Maté is an evergreen plant falling from the holly family and grown in South America. It is largely regarded as a staple in the diet of folks in Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina where it is quite often sipped communally using hollowed gourds. 

From a taste perspective, maté can be slightly earthy with an underlying sweet grassiness. Aging the leaf can have dramatic effects on the taste, adding depth and complexity to this naturally rich and creamy brew. Roasting the leaf will add notes of dark sweetness as if caramelized. If you fancy your maté enhanced with other flavors, you’re in luck as we feature several variations with the addition of fruit, spices and/or various herbs. 

Maté drinkers enjoy the “feel good” stimulating effect that it provides, describing it as providing increased focus and alertness without the jitters or subsequent crash effect often associated with coffee. Furthermore, maté is rich with minerals, vitamin B and antioxidants and it’s low in acid for those with more sensitive tummies. What's not to love?!


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