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Our organic â€‹Yakushima Island Japanese black tea is grown on the Fujiwara family tea garden situated on Yakushima Island - a UNESCO World Heritage site. The island has a mountainous tropical climate and is located south of Japan's Kyushu Island in the East China Sea. This tea is a rare and unique example of black tea coming from Japan - a place highly regarded for its exceptional green teas.

This Yakushima Island Black tea is made using two cultivars of the Camelia Sinensis (tea plant), specifically Yabukita and Yutaka Midori. To make this black tea, the freshly picked tea leaves are intentionally exposed to air for several hours after plucking. During this time, they are tumbled and allowed to oxidize to the point of the tea maker's preference. Once the leaf has reached the desired level of oxidation (typically 80%-100% for black teas), the leaf undergoes a brief heating process to prevent further oxidation followed by further processing including shaping and final drying. 

The Yakushima Island Black tea leaf brews up a transparent amber-brown liquor with an aroma and taste somewhat reminiscent of darker style oolongs. It is a smooth, medium bodied black tea that yields moderate astringency with woody notes and a hint of peach. 

For more information about Yakushima Island from which this tea originates, please visit the UNESCO site. 

At this time, the Yakushima Japanese Black tea is in very limited supply as part of our "Limited Edition" collection. We encourage you to provide us with feedback regarding your thoughts about this unique Japanese black tea.

Price & Packaging Information:

Priced in 1-ounce units.

You may choose multiple 1-ounce units. We will combine multiple 1-ounce units into larger packaging unless you state otherwise. For instance, order three 1-ounce units and we will consolidate them into one 3-ounce package. 

Additional Details

Steeping Instructions::
Steep for 3 minutes using freshly drawn water of 210 degrees F.

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